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Footpath ClearingFor everyone who walks the condition of our footpaths and bridleways is of vital importance.  We need well-signposted routes to follow, for paths to be clear of obstacles (fallen trees, overgrown vegetation, unsafe stiles and bridges etc) so that we can continue on our way and enjoy our walks and the countryside.

Ramblers put a great deal of effort into monitoring, preserving, maintaining and extending our Rights of Way (RoW) network by

  • regularly surveying footpaths to identify and report problems.  Most Ramblers groups in Hampshire carry out systematic surveys of the RoW in two parishes each year
  • undertaking practical work on vegetation clearance, repairing bridges, replacing stiles with gates, adding waymarks to help walkers to find their way
  • researching 'lost ways' - footpaths that are not shown on the Definitive Map of RoW.  If they are not added by 2026 they will disappear for ever
  • monitoring new building developments to ensure that footpaths are preserved or improved or added to - a major task with all the new housing being introduced
  • identifying suitable routes for the coastal path that is being introduced around England.

Ramblers volunteers in Hampshire contribute hundreds of hours each year to footpath work.  You can make out a very strong case for everyone who uses our RoW network to join the Ramblers even if they do not walk with Ramblers groups,

 Footpath volunteers

If you would like to become involved in footpath activities such as surveying paths or joining working parties that undertake vegetation clearance and other footpath work, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Report a footpath problem

If you encounter a problem on a footpath (missing sign, broken stile, blocked path,  etc...) when you are out walking, please report it to our Footpath Secretary by emailing   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          Please give:  the nature of the problem, the location (with a grid reference if possible), and the date when the problem was found.  Our Footpath Secretary will submit a report to the local authority and will check periodically to see if remedial action has been carried out.


Join the Ramblers

As a Ramblers Member you can ralogo200x157
  • be part of Britain’s biggest walking charity
  • join a community of over 110,000 members
  • enjoy a wide range of membership benefits
  • choose from 38,000 led walks a year across England, Scotland and Wales
  • help us continue our charitable work to protect Britain’s footpaths and promote walking
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